Annise Parker Wins Mayoral Election

Houston voters chose Annise Parker to replace Bill White as the next mayor of the fourth-largest U.S. city by population.

Parker won by a margin of 53.6 percent to 46.4 percent for Gene Locke, according Harris County election data. Parker, 53, is in her third term as city controller. Locke, 62, is a Houston attorney and former chief of staff for U.S. Representative Mickey Leland.

White isn’t running after serving the limit of three terms. He has been at odds with Parker about the size of the deficit in the city’s budget. Parker said the city faces a $103 million revenue shortage, while White put the potential gap at $25 million after a series of cost reductions.

Parker and Locke were forced into a runoff in November after Parker won 31 percent of the vote and Locke won 25 percent, according to the city secretary’s office. Two other candidates, Peter Brown, a city councilman, and Roy Morales, a retired air force officer, were eliminated in the primary.

Parker served on the city council for six years and worked in the oil and gas industry for 20 years.

Houston’s mayoral candidates don’t run as representatives of any political party.
Why is this newsworthy you ask? Because Ms. Parker is a lesbian. She is the first openly gay mayor in American history -- and it's a southern city.

Also notable: that Bloomberg report made no mention of her sexuality.

Head nod (and more analysis): Nate Silver

UPDATE:: as Vast points out in the comments, Parker is "the first openly gay mayor of a major US city. There are actually several openly gay mayors in the US, including David Cicilline who took office in 2003 and is the first openly gay mayor of a US state capital, Providence, RI."

I stand corrected. Thanks Vast.