Donald Duck Wants Your Money

Paying taxes is patriotic, remember? Matthew Yglesias has some poignant commentary to add:
[T]he cartoon does drive home the basic points that war costs money and things that cost money require taxes. Taxes were a hard sell then and they’re a hard sell now. But the way the sale was made in ‘43 was to convince people that the war was worth the cost. These days, politicians seem to feel that the public would refuse to pay for the war if asked plainly. So instead of asking, they try to obscure the cost. It’s not really a tenable situation.
Not tenable indeed.

I don't like taxes as much as the next guy. I'd love it if Americans gave money to their government on a voluntary basis only. But, let's face facts here folks: if that were the case, the U.S. government would have ZERO dollars.

No money for military.
No money for infrastructure.
No money for emergency aid.

Although, I suppose that one could argue that this example is really not much different than our current economic situation, no?