Franken Objects, McCain Defends

This is a very interesting, and awkward back-and-forth in the Senate that is making the rounds on the Internets today.

Clearly, Senator Franken was playing to the base of the Democratic party -- who are less-than-pleased with Joe Lieberman right now.

... or not:
A spokesperson for Franken explained that Lieberman was told to stop peaking because Senate leaders were enforcing the strict time limits so they could finish a defense spending bill and get to the health bill.

Majority Leader Harry Reid's spokesman, Jim Manley, said, "We did that to maintain order and [so] that no senator had an unfair advantage over another in terms of speaking. It was a simple request of the leader and Sen. Franken was adhering to the request of his leadership."

Later in the evening it appeared that Lieberman and Franken had made amends, as they could be seen talking, laughing and even hugging on the Senate floor.
Whatever you guys say.

Postscript: Senator McCain uses the word 'comity', not 'comedy' as I thought when first viewing the video. That makes much more sense to me now.