An Idiot's Guide To Google Wave

Because if you are like me -- you'll need this. Nutshell:
Wave is a revolutionary new way to keep in contact with people and collaborate on documents and could completely replace email.

The theory is that email (which has been with us for over four decades, believe it or not) is beginning to look a little antiquated, especially when we could be using the features of Web 2.0 with 'waves'.

On that basis, Google plans to release this new system under an open source licence [sic], so that other developers and companies can create their own wave services, and eventually help everyone to replace their current email solutions.

What exactly are these 'waves' that you're talking about?

A wave is best compared to a conversation in an instant messenger, but in the case of a wave, you can chat to yourself or to a whole group of people.

Each wave contains a subwave called a 'wavelet', which focuses on a particular aspect of the main wave, and can be manipulated in much the same way. This means one wave can branch out into a number of other waves, but keep all the original associations.

This may not sound like a killer feature from the outset, but if you subscribe to a mailing list or want to bracket multiple wavelets within the same project wave, then this is a much more elegant solution.
Vast was gracious enough to get me an invite (thanks Vast!), but I have to admit that I have been experiencing some trepidation about actually getting started. This 'Idiot's Guide' makes things seem a little better...

Is anyone else out there using Google Wave? Thoughts?