If You've Lost Jon Stewart

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics thinks that the White House is 'Losing Jon Stewart':
Stewart is as committed of a liberal as you'll find in anywhere in the country. He's also wicked smart and exceedingly funny - something he proved by skewering the Bush administration day in and day out for years. And, despite being the host of a comedy show, he wields a significant amount of influence, especially among the younger crowd.

The fact he's now starting to turn his cutting comedic skills on the Obama administration with a surprising degree of regularity should be concerning to the White House. Because if they lose Jon Stewart, life will become a lot more difficult.
I disagree. I think that Jon Stewart, while having liberal tendencies, will skewer anyone who sits in the Oval Office. Period. He's not going to take it any easier on the Democrats in power than he did when the GOP was running things. If the White House didn't see it coming, then they were simply not paying attention.