Microsoft And The Google Are Rising

...and continuing to take over the planet while poor lil' Yahoo! continues to flounder:
Google, of course, remains the runaway leader and there are no signs that its market share will do anything other than keep inching up. It went from 65 percent in May to 65.6 in November, according to data released by comScore to analysts late on Tuesday.

No. 3 Bing rose from 8 percent in May to 10.3 percent in November, a two-year high for Microsoft, whose previous search engine, Live Search, had been on a prolonged slide. The rise, fueled in part by a costly marketing campaign and rebates through its Cashback program, has been slow but steady, which is no doubt seen as good news up in Redmond. (In an apparent effort to keep up its forward momentum, Microsoft released a Bing iPhone application late on Tuesday.)

Things are not so bright for No. 2 Yahoo. Its share in May, 20.1 percent, has eroded steadily to 17.5 percent. At recent conference, chief executive Carol Bartz attributed some of the losses to toolbar distribution deals with the likes of Acer or HP that are ending. But her words didn’t seem have had a soothing effect on analysts.

Yahoo’s “17.5 percent November search share represents its lowest level ever…again,” wrote Ben Schachter, an analyst with Broadpoint AmTech. “Although the company will likely point to the lingering effect of less profitable distribution deals rolling off, initial user adjustment to the new homepage, Bing’s cash-back offers, and its own internal data which indicated a different trend last month, there is no getting around the fact that the market share trend for Yahoo is absolutely awful.”
Yahoo! needs to come up with something like Chrome or Bing to reinvent itself. Otherwise we will continue to see a steady decline in Yahoo!'s market share until is completely disappears.