On The Christmas Day Terrorism Attempt

I think that Brown Man pretty much sums up my thoughts:
The paradox is, the people who like President Obama the least are the ones who needed him the most when this all happened - without him to use as a punching bag, they would have to dig up real stories to talk about every night.

But the thing is, we're Americans.

So since the plane didn't blow up, we as a nation did what we always do - go on red alert for a day or so in our minds, and then move on to the next thing, which in this case was another big plate of that Christmas bar-be-que and a couple of shots of that Yuletide cognac. That doesn't mean we didn't think it was serious. It's just how we cope with stuff in 2009.


By the time the president comes on TV to talk about this in the next few days, just about the time you start to miss all of that good eating you did last week, he will have some facts in hand. He will have had time to think about the options that are available, and whether or not structural changes are needed in how we look at airport security.

In other words, he might just have time to do something more useful than frowning at a camera, which is all he would have done last week.

I'm not going to say much about the incident. Critics will argue that it's all the President's fault because he's a bad person or Muslim or a criminal of some kind (or all of the above?). Proponents will say that this was a victory for the Obama administration because no actual terrorist event happened (just an attempt).

I am pleased that this was a failed attempt, but clearly there is much work to be done in the apparently incompetent nearly incompetent department of Homeland Security.

Get to work Ms. Napolitano.