The Whole World Is Laughing At You Al Qaeda

Tim Russo at Plunderbund makes a very salient point regarding that failed terrorist, al Qaeda and our collective fear turning to laughter:
Barack Obama is doing America’s work, by addressing the problem calmly, quietly, confidently. That leadership will translate into confidence in the American public the same way the panicked leadership of the Bush administration translated into fear.

Al Qaeda seems almost miffed that we aren’t panicking. I can’t really recall Al Qaeda so loudly and immediately claiming credit for any attack, not even 9/11. And yet, they’ve done so here, praising testicle toaster as a failed martyr, making him a banner headline, because the American response isn’t giving them enough ink.

In fact, there is a growing tinge of mockery of this terrorist for toasting his testicles. This dude who can’t light a fuse is gonna raise the terror threat level to orange? Please. It strikes me as practically British – laughing at the Nazis all the way to the rubble pile in the East End. We’re laughing at Al Qaeda, for the first time, in unison, as a country. Think about that.
I am thinking. And I agree that this is indeed a welcome change.

Head nod: Dish

Photo: EPA