A Fair And Balanced Tea Party

Originally, it didn't look Tea Party Nation would allow media access for next month’s convention in Nashville, a gathering of activists that will feature big-name speakers like Sarah Palin.

But [yesterday], the organization announced that they will allow media access—to an extent.

The five outlets that made the cut: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal,, and World Net Daily.

Event organizer Judson Phillips told POLITICO that the first priority is to have a working convention, and that press is a secondary concern. Initially, he said, the “game plan was to deny media access.”

But with limited space, he said, the organizers “picked some groups that we had some contact with.”

When asked if ideology was part of the criteria in choosing, Phillips said "no." Also, I specifically asked why the Journal was selected as opposed to other news outlets that applied, including POLITICO.
Nah. There was no ideology involved in allowing FNC, WND, Breitbart or Townhall access. They don't support any particular slant or anything.

Are you kidding me?! Between Breitbart, Townhall and WorldNetDaily you have a running competition for the wingnuttiest websites of all time. Especially WorldNetDaily (see: the Birther movement). Gah.