Jim Gerlach Is Out

We now have one less candidate in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race:
Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.) has ended his campaign for governor in Pennsylvania, clearing the way for state Attorney General Tom Corbett in the GOP primary.

In a statement, Gerlach said he wasn't able to raise enough money.

"While we have successfully raised over $1 million, traveled thousands of miles all across this Commonwealth and signed up more than 19,000 supporters eager to help us win, today's media-driven campaigns require four times that amount to wage a successful primary," he said.

Gerlach did not address whether he will instead seek reelection, which suggests it is the table. A number of GOP candidates have stepped forward to replace him in a swing district.

But he did say that he intends to stay in politics beyond 2010.

"I want to be clear about one thing: this campaign for governor has stoked my passion for honest, effective, and efficient government, and I intend to continue to raise my voice, and work hard in the months and years ahead," he said.
B-Diddy has already thrown his support behind Tom Corbett. Now it appears that the rest of the PA GOP will likely do the same.

Democrats however have no clear front-running candidate(s). This could mean a strong advantage for Republicans (as they will have time to coalesce around Corbett) going into November.