'Gillibrand Would Crush Ford'

Some really bad numbers for Harold Ford, Jr.:
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) would crush former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tenn.) in a Senate primary matchup, according to a new Siena Research Institute poll out Monday.

Gillibrand commands 41 percent to Ford’s 17 percent in the poll, which places labor organizer Jonathan Tasini in third, with 5 percent.

Since Ford announced his interest in the seat, he has been dogged by critical press reports questioning his ties to the state and highlighting his exorbitant New York lifestyle, financed by a high-paying job at Merrill Lynch. New York Sen. Charles Schumer and the White House have made clear that they do not want Ford to run, as he would pose a challenge on the already moderate Gillibrand’s right flank.

While the poll certainly has some good news for Gillibrand and her allies, the 37 percent who had no opinion on the race shows Ford might yet have the ability to cut into the sitting senator’s lead.
After Ford's, errr, un-inspiring media performance of late, these poll numbers do not really surprise me. That said, his moderate-to-conservative candidacy would/will play well with Democrats who live upstate.

I'm just sayin'. The loudest Ford critics are New York City liberals, not Democrats from Watkins Glen, New York.