Have A Great Weekend

After a long and tiring week of very little productivity here on the blog, I'm hanging it up for the weekend. I do apologize for my slackitude this week, but with the life-changing things that I am considering, I felt that my attention was best focused on family decisions (for example, we visited my daughter's new pre-school/daycare yesterday -- good times).

As I prepare to re-enter the workforce in ten days, I have found myself questioning my 'way forward' with regard to this blog. The way that I see things, I will not be able to keep up with a rate of 10-20 posts-per-day. I might be able to squeeze one off before work, a couple at lunchtime and maybe one or two in the afternoon. It all depends on my workload and what the policies of my employer are. More on the latter as it develops.

The bottom-line is this: I will continue this blog even after I have started working again. It may become a one-lengthy-post-per-day operation a la Jon Swift (whatever happened to that guy?), or perhaps some other approach will strike my fancy. I'm open to just about anything -- except losing my political voice. I enjoy this stuff entirely too much to give it up.

Plus, the domain name is bought and paid for -- so I've got that going for me.

Stay tuned for some earth shattering developments next week... that much I promise. Big changes. Good times.

[and yes, that is the worst photoshop work on the planet]