Help Haiti

Heartwrenching stories from Haiti are seemingly everywhere. Here's a columnist and blogger from Pittsburgh who needs some help. Her friends were in Haiti working on adoption for kids in an orphanage when the earthquake hit. The story:
– Jamie and Ali were able to get to the US Embassy and getting them two out of the country is likely doable. Their kids ready for US adoptions? Not so much. Jamie and Ali chose to then leave the safety of the Embassy to return to the orphanage and the children. They refuse to leave the kids behind to save themselves because they know these children are THIS CLOSE to having finalized adoption papers. It would be like walking cross-country, getting three miles from the opposite coast, and turning around.

– There are two things needed, 1. a plane 2. refugee status for the children so that they can legally enter the country. Again, these children are ALMOST U.S. citizens. They have families already most of the way through the adoption process. If Jamie and Ali board a plane with these children without the proper approval, it will be classified as international kidnapping and the plane would have to turn around.

– The adoption agency tells Jonathan and the McMutries that getting that approval as refugees would take months. This is not acceptable. No. Way.


– When my husband first applied for a Visa to come visit me in America, he was denied. One letter to Senators Specter and Santorum and that no became a yes in less than five days. That tells me that politicians can make things happen.

– I need politicians. Powerful, high-ranking, string-pulling, compassionate politicians who can move a few mountains for some children in Haiti who are sleeping in their yard tonight with empty bellies, while across the sea, await warm homes, full pantries, and immeasurable love.
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Photo: Nabil Hijjawi/Reuters