I'm Digging Out

And I thought that I had it bad...

Welcome to MMX folks! (that's the Roman numeration of 2010 for all of you non-number nerds) I'd like to think that I have some fabulous gem of intellectuality with which to pixelate your screens -- but alas I do not. I just know that the holidays blew by me without so much as a brief hello. Although it was nice to relax and be with family for a few days. I was able to finally get to know my brother's girlfriend (who lives in Texas), which was indeed a most welcome event.

The one constant that I have experienced throughout the past few weeks has been the cold. Here in Pennsylvania's "T", we have had snowfall upon snowfall, with an occasional ice or freezing rainstorm peppered in as well. This morning, as I walked The Boy to the bus stop, it dawned on me that this blustery-cold harshness will be the bane of my existence for the next couple of months. Normally, I would have the Weblog Awards to look forward to, but it is with great disappointment that I must tell you that they have been canceled (and I felt good about our chances too). Ugh. So now it's just me and the cold, duking it out until mid-March (or hopefully sooner?).

At least I don't have it as badly as the folks in the picture above...

All of that negativity aside, I really did have a nice holiday break -- and I hope you did too. I'll be posting some pictures of merchandise that I got from the store (TPW bought a couple of shirts and a bag) which is pretty nice.

Here's to another year of blogging at -- and to your involvement in this ongoing experiment!

Photographic head nod: English Russia via TYWKIWDBI