Mark Sanford *Hearts* Ron Paul?

A not-so-juicy-but-somewhat-interesting tid-bit that I missed yesterday, courtesy of Glenn Thrush:
Sorta-disgraced South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who won't be impeached for his sojourn up the Appalachian Trail, was spotted on the House side of the Capitol a few minutes ago, headed to the floor.

Ex-members are allowed into the well, provided they aren't lobbyists -- and once in his old environs Sanford made a bee-line to fellow low-tax, no-tax guy Ron Paul (R-Tex.).

He was not, ahem, mobbed, by Republican well-wishers.
No, I can't imagine that other Republicans are falling all over each other to chat with Sanford. But, I am curious what he and Ron Paul would have been talking about...