Oprah, WTF?

An, err, interesting transcription of Sarah (and Bristol) Palin's latest appearance on the Queen Of All Media's show:
Super-tense niceties out of the way, Winfrey asked Palin about her new Fox contract, extracting what sounded like it might have been a nugget of insight when she asked the former governor if the TV gig meant the end of her political career. Palin responded that "I'm not closing any door that maybe I find open in the future, and thankfully the Fox network has allowed me to keep that door open for whatever maybe political is in my future." (Don't blame me, I only transcribe.)

Weirdest, though, was that while Winfrey seemed perfectly willing to go after Palin for her coiffure, she didn't challenge her when she described her new Fox job as an opportunity to get back to the "who, what, when, where and why of reporting, just stating the facts, gathering the information, providing it to the viewers and letting them decide what their opinion would be ... ratcheting back to the simplicity of what journalism should be about."
Uhh... what?