Paging Rudy Giuliani: Come Get Your Sign

Now that Rudy Giuliani has pretty much announced that he’s done with politics, could someone please take down the sign at his old presidential campaign office in Clive?

Giuliani, the former New York City mayor whose claims to fame included a crackdown on litter, finished sixth in the Republican Iowa presidential caucuses two years ago.


Giuliani never made much of an effort in Iowa when he was running for president. But before fizzling, his campaign managed to put up a nifty, red-white-and-blue sign outside its now-empty headquarters. The sign remains there to this day, beckoning to passers-by on University Avenue.

You’d think one of his tens of Iowa supporters would want it as a memento.
Hmmm... if I had more time and money, I would make a roadtrip all the way to Clive, Iowa to take a picture of myself under that sign. Maybe B-Diddy would come with me and we could meet up with Vast...