Quote Of The Day II

"I expect tomorrow, if Brown wins, we'll hear a lot of talk about a Republican resurgence. But unless the Republicans can come up with a more convincing program to keep stuff like this from happening--and a more convincing economic program than cutting taxes in the face of record deficits--I don't think they're ready to lead.

My conservative readers are no doubt winding up to tell me I'm a liberal sellout. But I don't think it's particularly bleeding heart to think that we shouldn't have to fake suicides to cover up for abusing prisoners. In fact, I think that's the stance of a hard core believer in law and order." -Megan McArdle, on her blog at, in reaction to the story in Harpers about allegedly 'faked' suicides at Gitmo.

Photo: Human rights campaigners protest against Guantanamo Bay in front of the White House. Jacquelyn Martin/AP