Read More Chait

Jonathan Chait, the ever-so-intelligent columnist, has a new blog over at The New Republic. Definitely worth a read -- even if you disagree with his viewpoint.

For your first lesson, check out his take on (or definition of?) the so-called "Cadillac Tax". In response to a column by Bob Herbert wherein the columnist decries of a 'dirty little secret' that nobody is expected to pay the tax, Chait argues:
This like saying, "The dirty little secret about Bob Herbert is that he's paid by a news organization to publish his opinions, which are then disseminated on the carcasses of dead trees." It's not a secret. That's the plan. Nobody is pretending otherwise. Right now, the tax code encourages your boss to compensate you in the form of health care, which is tax-free, rather than wages, which are taxed. The plan is that, by evening out the scales, employers will shift more compensation into taxable wages, thus raising revenue and take-home pay. Proponents are extremely upfront about this.

Anyway, Chait's new virtual home is definitely worth the bookmark. Or feed subscription.