Rubio Gets Another Endorsement

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-OH) hops on the Rubio bandwagon:
Ohio Rep. Paul Ryan, widely viewed as a rising star in the Republican Party and a favorite among conservatives, is endorsing former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio's bid for the Senate Republican nomination in that state.

"In the coming years, America faces critical decisions on government spending, taxes and entitlements that will require idea-driven leaders," Ryan said in a statement released by the Rubio campaign. "Marco Rubio has proven he is exactly the type of consistent, principled conservative the Republican Party needs to ensure the relationship between the federal government and the individual is one that maximizes freedom and prosperity."

Rubio is running against Gov. Charlie Crist, the early favorite who won the national party's endorsement last summer. But many conservative leaders have never been fond of Crist - considered to be a moderate who backed President Barack Obama's stimulus measure last year - and recent polls suggest Crist's lead over Rubio has narrowed to single digits.
At what point does being a moderate become a positive attribute? Really?

Rubio is a good candidate to be sure. Rep. Ryan's statement is well-written and does not overtly attack the Florida governor. But for other conservatives (and Rubio supporters) to continue to demonize Charlie Crist because he has some moderate views (and is rumored to be gay)? It's akin to a far-left-wing Democrat accusing a blue-dog of 'not being legitimate'. There's room for everyone on this spectrum folks.

Buckle up Marco and Charlie -- it's going to be a bumpy ride.