Teaching Michael Steele

Some spot-on commentary by Matt Lewis:
Michael Steele has gotten a lot of bad press lately over his pointed comments. Some of them — such as when he said the GOP will likely not take over the House (and may not be ready to lead) would have been spot on — were he a pundit or an analyst. He is not.

Interestingly, I actually tend to agree with his analysis. At this point, my bet is Republicans will pick up dozens of seats, but not quite enough to take over the House. And that might just be a good thing because I’m not so sure it would be good for Republicans to get back power this quickly (maybe they need some more time to think about what they did)…

At the same time, winning just a few seats (in fact, winning just one senate seat) would dramatically curtail Obama’s agenda. In short, Republicans may be better off by picking up a bunch of seats, but still staying in the minority.

… Of course, as controversial as that may be, it’s okay for me to say this because I’M NOT THE RNC CHAIRMAN.

And unlike me, Michael Steele is the RNC Chairman. And in that capacity, he’s not free to just opine. That’s my job. As such, my advice to Steele: He needs to learn his cliches (he’s going to have to study them, he’s going to have to know them).
I was talking to B-Diddy (remember him?) about this the other day.

I like Michael Steele. I have had my criticisms of him in the past, but on the whole I think that he is breathing a much-needed breath-of-fresh-air into the Chairmanship of the RNC.

That said, Lewis is correct in his analysis of Mr. Steele. When elected to lead the Republican National Committee, Steele was not chosen to analyze politics. Rather, the job that he was hired to do is that of 'Cheerleader-In-Chief' for the Republican party. Bearing that idea in mind, Steele should be putting his best spin on each and every issue that comes to his desk.

Instead of doing that, he is seemingly airing -- in a very public way -- each and every grievance that he has with other Republicans. I can see why this would upset others in his very own party.

So, if I were the current Chairman of the RNC, I would heed the free advice that Matt Lewis is offering. Michael Steele, you should put away that axe you are grinding and get out your best red pom-poms.