Viva Jonathan Capehart

The logo says it all. I think. From the site's launch:
Long story short: the Viva Team of lore were unable to find any real employment post-mothballing of Viva Chuck Todd and Viva Rachel Maddow. Okay, some of us were able to land jobs: pizza delivering in sub-freezing temps, doing P.R. work for the high fructose corn syrup lobby and hustling closeted advertising execs in Los Angeles. After those occupational debacles, we all decided to go back to doing what we do best: form a ridiculously elaborate fansite for an individual that has a hell of a lot more talent than all of us put together.

And the new recipient of our misplaced creative fervor is none other than the urbane and sagacious Mr. Jonathan Capehart
I would highly recommend adding to your bookmarks or feed-reader as the Viva staff are sure to bring you laughs by the truckload. Hell, you can start here.