Vote Shifting In Massachusetts

Long after I went to bed last night,'s Charles Franklin was putting together a very telling analysis of the Massachusetts special election for U.S. Senate.

I think that in the list of The Many Reasons Why Martha Coakley Lost Her Senate Bid, this graph illustrates one of, if not the top reason:

Franklin explains:
Brown's votes are almost exactly on the 45-degree line showing equality between 2008 and 2010 vote totals by town. But not so the blue dots, which are all, yes every single one, well below the diagonal. Brown's total actually slightly improved upon McCain's. Coakley's total was just 56% of Obama's total.
Essentially, Brown performed better than Martha Coakley, better than John McCain in 2008. Scott Brown's distribution of votes in Massachusetts was basically on the same level as then-candidate-now-President Barack Obama in 2008.

Oh, and Brown is a Republican.