Harold Ford Is In Trouble

...because the folks at Gawker really do not like him (apparently). Exhibit A:
Ford, who is loudly and hamfistedly considering a Senate run despite the fact that he hasn't even lived here for a full year, claimed as recently as one month ago on his web site that he resided in Tennessee. In early 2007, he took a job at Merrill Lynch, and announced that he would keep offices in New York and Nashville. And just last month, in an interview with the New York Times, he claimed that he "moved" to New York shortly after losing his Tennessee Senate bid in November 2006. But he then immediately backtracked:
[M]oved is such a legal term. I was not a resident here yet until just last year, because I did not spend the requisite number of days here — being that the majority of time I still spent commuting between here and Nashville, and spending time in Tennessee.
Who knows where anybody lives these days with all these new legalisms like "moved"? If Ford wasn't a legal resident of New York until just last year — which means he wouldn't have to file a state tax return until April 15 of this year — then what's he talking about when he says he pays taxes "there"?
And keep in mind that Gawker is hardly a bastion of conservative thought...

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