If You Want To See Sarah Palin, You'll Have To Buy A Ticket

Sarah Palin has barred any media from recording her multiple appearances in Florida in the coming weeks:
The former Alaskan governor, ex-vice-presidential candidate and best-selling author has banned all video and sound recordings of her upcoming speeches in Daytona Beach and at the Lincoln Day dinner of the Orange County Republican Committee.

So unless Palinistas plop down at least $250 for a ticket next month — the $150 tickets in Daytona Beach have already sold out — they won’t hear what she has to say.

The rules for each event — set by Palin’s agents, the sponsors say — bar media photographs as well as audio or video recordings. The media can buy a ticket and take notes like everyone else.

The speaking fees Palin will receive from both events also are not being disclosed.

"These are the terms of the contract that were presented to us," said Orange County Republican Party Chairman Lew Oliver, who said he is ecstatic that the GOP "rock star" will headline his group’s annual major fundraising event.

Oliver acknowledged that previous Lincoln Day dinner speakers — mostly elected officials and political hopefuls — have sought media coverage. However, he said, "this is an unusual circumstance."
Palin shutting out the media -- now that's a headline.