Making Cuts In The Budget

budget chart | NYT
There is a very interesting look at President Obama's proposed 2011 budget in the New York Times via TYWKIWDBI. Stan (rightly) points out:
[E]veryone wants to cut federal expenditures. Correction: everyone SAYS they want to cut federal expenditures. Republican candidates say so (until they get elected), Democratic candidates say so (until they get elected). Every man on the street says so - except they don't want things cut that affect them personally.

The next time you're at a cocktail party or at the office water cooler, ask someone where the federal budget should be cut. Typical answers would include "art projects," "research on fruitflies," "exploring Mars," "public housing," etc. Those are all in the little boxes. The very little boxes.

The chart above shows areas of the federal budget that cannot be cut (Medicare, Social Security, et al) whited out. So, where to make cuts then?