Mike Huckabee Talks Sanford, Edwards And Infidelity

An entertaining if not interesting anecdote from former governor Mike Huckabee:
[Post-Gazette] You've written a lot about character. What impact does the lack of character displayed by John Edwards, Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods have on the collective unconscious?

[Mike Huckabee] It's important for us to continue the discussion on the role that character plays in leadership. We have to be careful we don't expect leaders, whether in politics or sports or other endeavors, to be perfect. It's one thing to be flawed. We all are, but we also need them to be honest. In the case of a John Edwards, he presented himself as something he turned out not to be. Then when confronted he absolutely pointedly lied repeatedly about it. Not just to the public, that was bad enough, but to his own wife, a wife that was suffering through a life-threatening illness.

[PG] Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods both lied to their wives, too.

[Huckabee] That's bad enough, and I know Mark very well. That broke my heart and shocked me. Part of what I think was so difficult in that one was that even when confronted and caught, it wasn't like, "Oh, I've done a horrible thing, I've got to fix this."

That would be, you'd think, the reaction. Instead it was like, "Well, I hope I can make my marriage work, but it sure is hard 'cause my soulmate is this woman down in Argentina." I thought, "Oh my gosh!"

[PG] How did you handle women trying to get your attention?

[Huckabee] Always the thought of my wife standing over me having unloaded a 15-round clip into me and asking, "Does somebody have more ammo?" [Laughs.]

[PG] OK, so it wasn't love. It was fear!

[Huckabee] A whole lot of it, yeah. But it was love, but it was fear [laughing].
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Photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP