New And Improved, Redux


So, here's the newest incarnation of the re-design. I decided to scrap the new featured post area, as well as the Live News Feed. Both features were heavy on the usage of Javascript and my fear is that they were causing troubles for many browsers.

What is left? Essentially, this has now become a cosmetic make-over for the site. I kept the smaller banner masthead, to provide room for a banner advertisement (click here for ad info). I've also kept the 125x125 ad boxes in the sidebar. (what can I say? I'd like to make a few bucks off of this thing) I also re-designed the navigation area (home, about, et al) and the feed and social media links (Facebook, Twitter) to be more integrated.

Finally, I really liked the idea of a larger content area, so I kept that as well (this is demonstrated very well by this post).

The Disqus comment system is up-and-running again, and hopefully I've worked out all of the other bugs that folks were seeing. If you notice something that looks strange, feel free to hit me up.