Toyota Recalling 2.3 Million Vehicles

...because the gas pedal sticks. Yikes.

TPW and I were considering a Toyota the next time we buy a car. We might think twice about it now:
Toyota said Monday it has developed a fix for gas pedals in millions of recalled vehicles and is already shipping the new parts to dealers.

The fix involves reinforcing the pedal assembly in a way that eliminates the excess friction that has caused the pedals to stick, the company said in a press release. Toyota recalled 2.3 million vehicles in the United States for this problem.

Toyota said replacement parts are already being shipped and that dealers will work extended hours to fix the recalled vehicles.

"We know what's causing the sticking accelerator pedals, and we know what we have to do to fix it," said Jim Lentz, Toyota's president and chief operating officer, in a statement.
The good news is that they are fixing it. The bad news is that a 2.3 million vehicle recall is bad for PR. The worse news is that the recall is for accelerator pedals that 'stick'. Toyota would look a lot better if is was winshield wipers getting stuck instead of gas pedals...