Mormons Good, Muslims Bad

As they say, ignorance is bliss:
Carol Anne Tracy of Des Moines also said they would not only support Romney if he sought the presidential nomination, but they would “even drive a bus to ensure Republican voters got to the polls.”

“He’s our man,” Tracy said. “I caucused for him in 2008, and the more I see of the current situation, the more I know I made the right decision.”

Tracy pointed to concerns people had with Romney’s religious affiliation as an issue that may have hindered his 2008 campaign. To make her point she cited a popular and completely untrue conspiracy theory that President Obama is secretly a Muslim.

“I would love to see him run again. People were so worried about his affiliation church-wise, with him being a Mormon, but we have Muslim in the White House right now, that has to change,” Tracy said.
If this is the kind of support that Romney can count on, Romney is in big trouble.

Cartoon: Dan Lacey