Opposition To Health Care Is One Thing, Ctd.

A bit of follow-up from the story that I talked about on Wednesday...

From Lynchburg, Virginia's
The slashing of a gas line at the home of U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother was a “deliberate act of vandalism” that “could have posed a danger,” Albemarle County officials said Thursday.


“Investigators believe that this was a deliberate act of vandalism and that the supply hose was intentionally cut,” a statement from Albemarle County said. “While there was no immediate threat to the residence and its occupants, investigators believe the leaking gas could have posed a danger had there been an ignition source nearby.”

The slashing of the propane line was discovered the same day that someone sent the home a “threatening” letter addressed to the congressman. Perriello’s office said the letter was “along the lines of ‘You’ll have to answer for this on Judgment Day.’”
Head nod: Doug Mataconis

Meanwhile, Virginia Republican and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor's office was thought to have been the subject of a retributive attack. As it turns out, Cantor's campaign office had fallen victim to "random gunfire".

Random or not, these stories are crazy. For those of you imbalanced enough to get riled-up enough to perpetrate something as insane as cutting gas lines -- knock it off. Someone is going to get hurt.

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