Bill O'Reilly Lectures Guest About Bad Behavior

As I've talked about numerous times before, I hate the "gotcha" journalism tactics that Bill O'Reilly and his goons at Fox News have employed in the past. While there are other outlets who do, and have done the same types of things, O'Reilly seems to have written the proverbial book on how to stalk and harass people who won't come on your show.

So, imagine my surprise when he lectures his guest, Jason Mattera, on his tactics used to stalk question Minnesota Senator Al Franken:

Has O'Reilly started to soften on his position of stalker journalism? Only time will tell.

Postscript: the dude totally deserved to have O'Reilly bag on him. While I would have loved to hear Senator Franken's response to either of his questions, Mattera never let the guy get a word in edgewise. Or otherwise. And therein we see the difficulty with the "gotcha" tactics. You want to surprise and stun your journalistic prey -- but you are never going to get a serious answer out of someone who is keenly aware of your blitzkrieg reporting.