Department Of 'This Is How You Lose An Election'

States' rights arguments aside, this guy is clearly off of his rocker:
Oklahoma State Senator and Republican candidate for Governor, Randy Brogden, says he believes a volunteer citizens’ militia is authorized under the Second Amendment. The idea is the brainchild of the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance, an umbrella group of Tea Party factions. Brogden has actively reached out to Tea Party supporters in his electoral bid.

Joined by conservative Oklahoma legislators, Tea Party leaders have called for a volunteer State Militia “to defend against…improper federal infringements on state sovereignty” according to the Dallas Morning News. Tea Party leader Al Gerhart admitted the idea was frightening. “Is it scary? It sure is” he is quoted as saying, adding, “…when do states stop rolling over for the federal government?”
My guess is that Mr. Brogden should be prepared for the FBI to add his name to a watch list. Or two.