Getting Caught Up

So, I haven't posted all week -- hence the beautiful map-ish picture of The Bluegrass State gracing the top of the blog for, oh, nine days.

The short version is this: last week was tough, because the loss of a grandfather (or any family member) is tough. That said, I try to always look for the proverbial silver lining in things, and this lining was so shiny one needed to wear sunglasses.

We had a great visit with family members from all across this great nation. Popeye (what we grandkids affectionately called our grandfather) had eight kids -- and they are spread throughout the United State. As one might imagine, family reunions are few and far between. The last time that the family had gotten together was in celebration of Popeye's birthday... in 1991.

So we ate, and visited, and ate some more (because that's how things are done in Kentucky) and truly enjoyed ourselves.

My brother and I served as pallbearers for the funeral procession and were honored to do so with four of our other cousins. My Pop was a southern Baptist minister and touched the lives of countless parishioners in his 30 years in the ministry. He will be missed by family -- and friends.

On a personal note I wanted to say thanks for all of the warm sentiments that were passed my way via e-mail and Twitter. It meant a lot to me to have virtual friends reach out and offer their condolences.

So, I am sorry about the lack of posts this week. In addition to all of craziness last week (what with a nearly impromptu trip to Kentucky), we have also learned that The Pajama Wife has been offered a position at Behemoth University (my new current employer). Thusly, we are now looking at moving The Pajama Family to a different town, that is after the Boy finishes the school year. So, if you have any inside info on the current housing market, please feel free to share.

Also, if anyone has inside info on whether or not the current home buyer tax credit program will be continued/extended -- please let me know.

We are likely looking at a big move for World Headquarters. A lot going on around here. Bear with me.