Graham Is Soft On Immigration, So He Must Be Gay

Wow. In case you don't want to watch the whole video, fast-forward to 7:15 in -- my jaw is on my desk. The smugness of the guy makes me want to beat him with his microphone -- to say nothing of his actual stance on the issues.

TMV's Joe Gandelman responds to the above video of an activist who suggests that because Lindsey Graham supports immigration reform, he must be gay:
Just think about at what is at play here. Because Graham sees an issue differently, it’s suggested that there MUST be a chance he’s being blackmailed.

How about the fact that — whether you agree with him on anything or not — Graham simply sees it this way through his own life’s prism?

How about the possibility that on some issues he’s more independent than anyone’s checklist of where they need to be if they are “real” conservatives (a checklist on which most likely Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would not score well).

If you go to The Week link it’s clear most Republicans don’t like this path of attack. And for good reason: if Republicans in general and conservatives in general start making sexual preference a way to take out those who are or aren’t Republicans, they will lose in the long run since younger voters don’t consider this as big an issue as older voters.
Say it with me kids; to be gay is to be evil. Ugh.

I know that this guy represents a small minority of people who are calling on Senator Graham to come out of the closet -- but it's still disturbing nontheless.