A Long Cold Shower

Conservative columnist Rick Moran takes apart some really bad "reporting" on the part of some rightie bloggers:
[D]uring a presidential visit, if the Secret Service orders the police to move, they move. If what both Loesch and Moore are saying is true about the Secret Service telling local police to move the protestors – and then failing to do so – it would be a serious breach of protocol. All the more reason to think that both women were repeating rumors, or more likely, exaggerating their paranoid fears for effect.

No SWAT team. No threats to protestors. No phalanx of menacing riot police bearing down on tea partiers with billy clubs – the kind of police threat I experienced several times in my youth. Simple, routine security that you will see the world over when a national leader pays a visit.

But damn, that’s just not good enough. We need drama! We need to be seen as being oppressed! We need to wave the bloody shirt from the battlements! We’re Patriots ready to spill our blood in defense of ...something!
Break out the tinfoil hats gang -- we're going to have a conspiracy party!