On The Net Neutrality Decision

Paul Levinson praises the Washington, D.C. Federal Appeals Court's decision regarding the FCC regulating the Internet (a.k.a. "net neutrality"):
Of the two manifest evils - government regulation of the Internet vs. corporate domination - government regulation is far worse and dangerous. It's an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment. Government insistence on any mode of behavior carries with it the threat of arrest and imprisonment and force of arms against those who are not in compliance. The worst that a corporation can do is take your money. Not good, but not as bad as the worst that the government can do.

I'm therefore happy to see the unconstitutional FCC do less of anything.
I whole-heartedly agree. What's more is Doc Levinson points to an Internet Bill Of Rights that I had heretofore been unaware.
I. We have a right to connect.
II. We have the right to speak.
III. We have the right to assemble.
IV. We have the right to act.
V. We have the right to control our data.
VI. We have the right to control our identity.
VII. What is public is a public good.
VIII. All bits are created equal.
IX. The internet shall be operated openly.
Sign me up.