Paper Criticizes McDonnell And His Proclamation

An editorial from the Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding newly-elected governor Bob McDonnell's decision to honor the Confederacy:
Gov. Bob McDonnell has proclaimed April as Confederate History Month. Although his proclamation quite properly recognizes the sacrifices of those who fought on behalf of the Confederacy, a hole lies in the statement's heart.

McDonnell speaks of shared history, yet does not cite slaves. Southern heritage includes not only those who supported the Confederacy but those who welcomed the Union armies as liberators.

McDonnell recognizes that the past must be interpreted within the context not only of its times but of ours. The inexcusable omission reduces the slaves and their descendants to invisibility once again.
Head nod: Greg Sargent, who rightly asks, "When is Michael Steele, who has repeatedly touted the GOP’s minority outreach, going to weigh in on this?"