Raw ACORN Tapes Released

Here is a segment Rachel Maddow ran after the investigation into the James O’Keefe “sting” tapes where he and a woman dressed up as a Pimp and a Prostitute and went into ACORN office.

While ACORN is far from blameless in issues that the organization had, It is obvious that people like O’Keefe would do anything in the power to destroy ACORN because of the fact that the organization helped get thousands of poor people registered to vote and poor people tend to vote for Democratic candidates. It was nothing more than a hit job and Fox News, along with the most of the conservative media, played right along with it.

You would think that an organization like Fox News would actually do a little research when it comes to stuff like this. If they had asked for copies of the original tapes then it would have quickly become clear to them that O’Keefe was nothing more than an video editing con man who will do anything to get his name in the news. and maybe hundreds of thousands of poor people people wouldn’t now be out of luck and deprived of the services that ACORN no longer can provide due to the fact that they have had to close up shop.

The press release by California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. can be found here.

Videotapes secretly recorded last summer and severely edited by O'Keefe seemed to show ACORN employees encouraging a "pimp" (O'Keefe) and his "prostitute," actually a Florida college student named Hannah Giles, in conversations involving prostitution by underage girls, human trafficking and cheating on taxes. Those videos created a media sensation.

Evidence obtained by Brown tells a somewhat different story, however, as reflected in three videotapes made at ACORN locations in California. One ACORN worker in San Diego called the cops. Another ACORN worker in San Bernardino caught on to the scheme and played along with it, claiming among other things that she had murdered her abusive husband. Her two former husbands are alive and well, the Attorney General's report noted. At the beginning and end of the Internet videos, O'Keefe was dressed as a 1970s Superfly pimp, but in his actual taped sessions with ACORN workers, he was dressed in a shirt and tie, presented himself as a law student, and said he planned to use the prostitution proceeds to run for Congress. He never claimed he was a pimp.

The actual, unedited video from the visits to ACORN offices in California can be found here.

I won’t deny that ACORN has had issues. Paying a person by the number of people they register to vote just seems like a bad idea to me. It encourages people to make up registrations in order to get more money. But I believe that ACORN was singled out for retaliation by the right simply because the Republican’s lost the 2008 election, and instead of asking themselves what they did wrong, many conservatives just wanted someone to blame.

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