Ron Paul Vs. Mitt Romney

I'm sure that this news from the SRLC has the Republican establishment more than a little bit worried:
NEW ORLEANS -- In the presidential-preference straw poll here at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Mitt Romney won by ONE vote over Ron Paul -- out of 1,806 cast.

Romney received 24% of the vote (439 votes) to Paul's 24% (438 votes).

Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin received 18% -- followed by Mike Huckabee at 4%, Tim Pawlenty at 3%, Mike Pence at 3%, Rick Santorum at 2%, and Gary Johnson at 1%.

The straw poll was conducted by Wilson Research Strategies, and voting occurred on Friday and Saturday.
Now, I know that these straw polls are to be taken very lightly -- with the proverbial grain-of-sand, as it were. But I think that the fact that Mitt Romney had an actual 'get out the vote' effort going on, and still only won the thing by one vote says something.

Also worthy of note, Ron Paul is supporting RNC Chairman Michael Steele because -- wait for it --
"He's the first Republican chairman who's at least reached out to me, who would at least talk to me," Paul said in an interview with John Roberts and Kieran Chetry on CNN's "American Morning." "Generally the Republican leadership don't want to have anything to do with me or with the Ron Paul people."
That may be, and it is definitely a start, but I have yet to see Steele truly embrace Congressman Paul and his supporters.

Photo: AP composite