Scott Brown 'Snubs' Palin And The Tea Party

At least, that is how his declination to attend a Tea Party rally with Sarah Palin is being viewed:
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, whose stunning victory in January was fueled in part by Tea Party anger, has snubbed the fiery grassroots group and declined its invitation to join Sarah Palin Wednesday at a massive rally on Boston Common, the Herald has learned.

Brown’s decision to skip the first big rally in Boston by the group whose members are credited with helping him win election has some experts saying he’s tossed the Tea Party overboard, as he prepares for re-election in 2012.


But Brown spokesman Felix Browne said the senator applauds the “energy and enthusiasm” Palin and the Tea Party bring to GOP politics.

The Senate is in session and Brown can’t get away, Browne said.

“He’ll be doing the job he was elected to do - serving the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts,” Browne said.
It makes sense to me that Senator Brown would want to keep his distance from Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd. It is Massachusetts that we're talking about here.

However, to say that the senator is "snubbing" Palin and the Tea Party -- that's simply a lame attempt at sensationalism.

Photo: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe