We Have A New Queen

Orly Taitz, Queen Of The Birthers United States, has spoken:
Through H.R. 3590 Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is made dictator of the United States because it gives him the power of life and death over every American citizen. This is a clear and present danger to all Americans. This law must be annulled and vetoed immediately before time required for declaration of unconstitutionalty by court. As the last licensed attorney with case active in court, and as the people’s leader of the movement to unseat usurper and illegal pretender to president Obama, I am uniquely the person to exercise moral power above government, as in Queen of England.

I have written letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding he institute quo warranto proceeding against Obama, but he has stonewalled. Congress is corrupt institution and ignore the clear will of people. Existing USA government has lost all legitimacy. As only person empowered by the Law of Nations and Magna Carta to save the United States of America from slavery like old Soviet Union from criminal usurper president, I do assume rule of Queen of United States of America and hereby do dissolve the Congress of United States and discharge criminal Obama from office. Vice President Joe Biden becomes president until new president is selected by loyal supporters on my web site to serve until new elections June 2, 2010.
My emphases.

If you thought Orly was crazy before... this puts the icing on the proverbial cake. Ugh. Where are the April Fool's Day police?

[ed. note: And in case that it wasn't entirely clear, this was an April Fool's Day joke perpetrated by Doc Conspiracy. The best part about the joke is that it is entirely plausible.]

Head nod: Doug Mataconis