Are Evangelicals Embracing Mormons?

Jason Arvak at TMV points-out a story about which I was unaware: that Glenn Beck gave the commencement address at Liberty University. Then, Arvak asks some good questions about Liberty -- and the Evangelical movement in general:
Liberty University, the flagship of Christian fundamentalism, just welcomed a Mormon to give their commencement address. Coming so soon after 2008 Republican presidential candidate (and probable 2012 Republican presidential candidate as well) Mike Huckabee openly appealed to anti-Mormon prejudices among Christian fundamentalists as a core part of his strategy to take down Mitt Romney, this heretical embrace of a high-profile Latter-Day Saint by Liberty University is to [sic] much a reversal of course not to note.

It could be merely that Liberty considers the current partisan political campaign against President Obama — within which Beck is a vocal leader of the most hysteria-driven components — simply a higher priority that enforcing religious orthodoxy about what does and does not constitute a “Christian”. (Note: many Christian fundamentalists consider Mormons a “cult”, though their operational definition of that term appears to be merely “a religion I don’t like,” so it’s a pretty highly-inclusive category.) Or perhaps Liberty has come to a belated decision to move towards a “big tent” definition of “Christianity”.
Now, I don't care what faith some is (or is not), but it is interesting to see that Liberty University is (possibly) encouraging some religious diversity in its invitation to Glenn Beck.

Or, perhaps they simply didn't know that Beck is a Mormon...