Birther Watch, Ctd.

Check please:
Obama, according to Manning and his fellow conspiracy wonks, never attended Columbia, despite the university’s claim that he graduated in 1983. Obama was working as a CIA operative in Pakistan at the time, Manning claims.

Manning dropped the more serious treason and sedition charges against Obama, because they can result in a death sentence. That would have made it harder to get a conviction if any of the 13 jurors was squeamish at the thought of the president being executed.

Among the witnesses that Manning presented was former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root, who repeated the less-than-stunning revelation — made earlier in a magazine story — that he attended Columbia at the same as Obama and had the same major but had never heard of Obama. No one else he knew from that era at Columbia had heard of him either.

Not called as a witness, however, was Phil Boerner, who told The New York Times last year that he was Obama’s roommate at Columbia and went to breakfast, bars, museums and bookstores with him. The nonpartisan points out that Obama had an article published in the university’s magazine in 1983, the year he graduated.

As for Obama being a onetime CIA operative, Manning’s said that he received a letter from a former KGB agent (who was also a double agent for the CIA) stating that Obama worked for the spy agency in Pakistan from 1981 to 1985. Manning also claimed that the CIA was going to kill him last year, but rescinded the hit.
It gets more and more bizarre as the days/weeks/months progress. Someone needs to get these folks some medication... pronto.

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