I Feel Bad For The Hawai'i State Department Of Health

Fortunately for them, the state's legislature feels the same way:
A bill heading toward the desk of Republican Gov. Linda Lingle lets any Hawai'i department ignore repeated requests for information from the same person — if the department already has responded within a year.


Although the bill was supported by other state agencies, Espero aimed it specifically at the Health Department and the continuing demand for Obama's birth records from Mainland residents who question whether the president was born in the United States.

"This had to do with an issue that's gone national," said Espero, D-20th, ('Ewa Beach, Waipahu).

"Because of that national interest, there were dozens — hundreds — of requests coming from the Mainland. And that's highly unusual for your typical workweek, for any department or agency."

The Health Department even created a special page on its website devoted to the issue of Obama's birth certificate and who is eligible to get the records.
I can only imagine what it would be like to have to deal with -- on a daily basis -- an army of tinfoil-hat-wearing-Orly-Taitz-wannabes. Kudos to the state legislature for recognizing the Birthers as a problem.