Last Week Wrap-Up (Sort Of)

So, I didn't get a chance to post at all last week. If you follow me on The Twitters, you know that I was out for a few days at a conference for work (at which, much beer was consumed).

As a result of said absence, I never had the opportunity to comment on the much-commented news stories of the week; chiefly Rand Paul's comments and the Pennsylvania primary election results.

Two words: Sestak won. Need I say more? (okay, I will)

I still cannot believe that Joe Sestak beat-out aging perpetual party-switcher Arlen Specter. Specter had the support of the Democratic party machine, including but not limited to the President of the United States. But, despite having the backing of the party elite, Specter could not combat the 'he switched parties to save his own job' line of attack.

Now Sestak will face Pat Toomey in the general election in November. An election that could prove to be a real barn-burner. Earlier in the year, I predicted that Sestak would not be able to beat Toomey simply because of their difference in name recognition (Toomey had a much higher profile at the time). But, since his primary win, Sestak may prove to be a formidable opponent for the Republican candidate.

I will touch on Rand Paul's comments in a later post...