Trey Grayson Whines: Fox News Is Biased

And, he's a Republican! *gasp*

Dave Weigel analyzes Grayson's line-of-attack:
Let's step away from the question of whether it is ever, ever a good idea to do a "funny" voice in the presence of a reporter and home in on the more important question. Does Grayson seriously think it's a bigger advantage to be the son of a presidential candidate who scored a whopping 6.7 percent of the vote in the 2008 Kentucky primary than it is to be the candidate endorsed by the state's senior senator, the minority leader of his party? Because I've been covering Paul and his network since 2007, and I have seen many, many people try to use their connections to him in campaigns and get nowhere. Look at Peter Schiff, an economist who appears frequently on Fox News and Fox Business, who brought Paul backing into his race for U.S. Senate in Connecticut and who has gone nowhere.


Lots of conservatives get softballs on Fox News. Few have the hustle to run a serious Senate race. At the 11th hour, it's like Grayson still doesn't take Paul seriously.
Grayson never took Rand Paul's candidacy seriously (neither did much of the GOP establishment), and therein lies the source of his downfall.