The Creamy Center Wins The Night

I think that Charles Mahtesian's piece at The Politico sums up yesterday's primary election results quite nicely:
On the biggest primary night of the year so far, the wild 2010 plotline took a turn for the familiar: The political center — and the conventional politicians that gravitate there — showed some enduring power.

Yes, the barbarians are at the gate. They do indeed have pitchforks. But the forces of rebellion they represent are looking less potent on Wednesday morning than 24 hours before.
The question becomes this: will the Tea Party candidates that are left standing (namely Sharron Angle in Nevada) have a lasting impact on the Republican party? Or, as many are speculating, will the Tea Party simply be a political 'fad'?

For more on that thought, see Doug's post at Outside the Beltway...