For Your Consideration

With Conan O'Brien's impending show on TBS, that network has started a "For Your Consideration" campaign to try to garner the former-Late Show host an Emmy:
TBS, which signed Mr. O’Brien for a new late-night show to start in November, will begin a campaign Tuesday morning directed at Emmy voters.

In a series of ads that will begin to appear in Tuesday’s editions of the Hollywood trade paper Variety — the traditional spot where paid “for your consideration” notices are placed — TBS is asking Emmy nominators to remember Mr. O’Brien.


As incongruous as it may be to have a cable network urging an award for work done on a broadcast network, that might be topped if Mr. O’Brien does score an Emmy nomination. He would then be a prominent part of this year’s award ceremony, which will be broadcast Aug. 29 — on NBC.
I'm sure that the fact that the Emmy Awards will be broadcast on The Peacock Network will not be lost on NBC execs, should Coco win. Can you imagine the acceptance speech that he would give? Yowza.

Look, after the debacle that was the transition from Leno-to-Conan-and-back-to-Leno hosting the Tonight Show, I'm all for a 'W' in Conan's column. But The Daily Show is the powerhouse to beat. I think that, at this point, Conan is a long-shot.

The other ad after the jump....