'Gather. Your. Armies.'

A controversial political ad in a Republican run-off race in Alabama.
Rick Barber, an Alabama tea partier running for Congress in the Second District Republican run-off, told me this morning that his controversial new television ad -- which features images of pistols, calls for impeachment and a founding father calling on conservatives to "gather" their "armies" against the IRS -- is being misunderstood by critics.

"They need to not look so deep into things," Barber told me when I asked about his response to people who might say the ad might suggest he's calling for an actual revolution rather than an electoral one. "It's definitely not an inciteful call to arms."
I'm not sure that I see it as a blatant "call to arms" against the government -- but I have little doubt that some in the Tea Party movement will take it that way. The part that I found most interesting is that in which Mr. Barber says, "...and I would impeach him", presumably referring to President Obama. But on what grounds does Mr. Barber make this assertion?

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